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  • X Congreso SOCAM

    10th SOCAM Congress

    The next 4th of May, Friday, will take place in Toledo the 10th Congress of the SOCAM.

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    SOCAM Website

    We present the new website of SOCAM where you can find out about all the news.

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    Social Networks

    SOCAM is present in the most important channels: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter ...

  • Patologias Frecuentes de la Oftalmología

    Frequent Pathologies

    Discover what are some of the most common problems and pathologies, their symptoms...

Our History

2008: Foundation

The SOCAM was born in response to the concern of a group of ophthalmologists with a desire to strengthen relationships and experiences among colleagues.

2009: Albacete

It stands out the assistance of Dr. Wolfgang Haigis, fundamental pillar of the calculation of the intraocular lens in recent years. A keynote address.

2010: Cuenca

2nd Conference, marked by the presentation of clinical cases, the transmission of knowledge, the improvement of care or visual health care.

2011: Ciudad Real

Conference with a large participation of professionals in which topics such as surgical treatment of keratoconus or oculoplasty were treated.

2012: Albacete

With lectures by Dr. Enrique Chipont Benabent "Conjunctivitis vernal in childhood" and Dr. Carlos Belmonte Martínez "Neural bases of ocular sensations after corneal and dry eye surgery".

2013: Almagro

5th Conference that focused on the monograph "Infections in Ophthalmology", with the presence of Dr. Nicolás Toledano Fernández, an expert in oculoplasty and lacrimal ways.

2014: Toledo

We counted with the presence of professors D. Miguel Ángel Teus Guezala and D. José Mª Ruíz Moreno to talk about glaucoma and anti-VEGF therapies.

2015: Cuenca

"Paediatric Ophthalmology": With the presence of renowned pediatric ophthalmologists such as: Mr. José Abelairas, Dr. Mercedes Méndez, Dr. Pilar Tejada, Dr. Carmen Méndez and Dr. Blanca Domingo.

2016: Albacete

Awesome 10th Conference with five live surgeries during the morning (on retina, cornea, glaucoma, strabismus and canoplasty with i-Track). The afternoon culminated with a talk on "e-health and digital health profile".

2017: Ciudad Real


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